President, Sports and Entertainment Division

Carl Mittleman started at Aramark as an intern, and 22 years later he said he’s proud Aramark is “leading the industry, bringing different solutions to the fan and venue experience.” 

A recent focus on convenience has led to taking grab-and-go to new places, including beer destinations that expedite transactions with artificial intelligence cashiers. “We have seen tremendous success,” he said, “with the walk-through beer technology. We are connecting to the consumer based on speed and variety.” 

As Aramark continues to roll out this concept in more venues and in larger ways — expect 20 new AI-based units for Broncos Stadium at Mile High — Aramark wants to always explore technology that promotes convenience but while embracing quality. 

Aramark will continue to explore frictionless transactions, such as a ticket prepaid with entry, parking, and food and beverage. “We have been studying opportunities,” he said, “and we need to keep pushing our technology.” 

That technology extends to the fan’s seat. At Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Aramark has tested an ordering system in which fans use Apple Business Chat to order beers that are then delivered to them.

No matter the focus, Mittleman knows “you need the best people you can trust to be at your side.” 

“The people I have been privileged to work with, the relationships I have been able to develop, is the most significant component of our success, not just our people, but our clients, our vendors and the constituents,” he said.