VenuesNow offers a number of annual awards to honor excellence in the venue industry. While Venues Now issues separate calls for nominees for each of its awards, nominations are accepted year round. Think you know someone deserving of an award? Then email [email protected] and detail what makes that individual a strong candidate. Remember to cite as many specific examples of excellence as possible, and try to include accomplishments from the last 18 months.

Ticketing Star – February Issue (Nominations due the previous Nov)

Women of Live – April Issue (Selected by VenuesNow editorial staff)

Generation Next– September Issue

All-Stars – October Issue (Selected by VenuesNow editorial staff)

Excellence in Concessions – October Issue (Nominations by August)

Hall of Honor – December Issue (Selected by VenuesNow editorial staff)

Ticketing Star

Each January, VenuesNow honors box office professionals for excellence in the ticketing industry, whether it’s a new innovation that has improved the ticket-buying experience, or an idea that leads to a bump in revenue. The awards are given out during the opening luncheon for the annual International Ticketing Association conference.

Click here to view the 2020 Ticketing Star Honorees

Women of Live

In April, VenuesNow honors professional women for their contributions to the live entertainment industry.

This year, Women of Influence becomes Women of Live as we align the program with a similar one at our sister publication, Pollstar. It’s part of our effort to have these two brands work together better and offer more value to everyone who reads one or both of them. We’ve made some other changes, too: increasing the number of honorees, allowing former winners to be honored again, and having the editorial staff select the list rather than counting up subscriber votes.

Click here to view the 2021 Women of Live Award Honorees

Generation Next

VenuesNow honors these young professionals (35years and under) who make a difference in sports, music, conventions, family shows, fairs and festivals. All winners of the annual Generation Next award are profiled in the June issue of the magazine.  Starting in 2021, Generation Next will be profiled in the September issue.

Click here to view the 2020 Generation Next Honorees

VenuesNow All-Stars

In 2019 VenuesNow proudly presented the debut of the VenuesNow All-Stars, a group of 50 extraordinary people and places changing the face of the venues business. It’s a franchise that we’re excited to introduce and one that we plan to build on in the years to come.

Click here to view the 2020 VenuesNow All Stars Honorees

Excellence in Concessions

Excellence in Concessions Awards

In October, VenuesNow announces our Excellence in Concessions Award Winners and Honorable Mentions for standouts in concessions.

Click here to view the 2020 VenuesNow Excellence in Concessions

VenuesNow Hall of Honor 2020

Hall of Honor Awards

VenuesNow established the inaugural Hall of Honor Awards in 2019. The award celebrates those who have achieved at the highest level in the venues business and related enterprises during their long and distinguished careers. A small number of honorees whose professional lives exemplifies excellence, integrity, ingenuity and a passion for the business are selected by VenuesNow staff and inducted each year.

Click here to view the 2020 Hall of Honor Honorees