VenuesNow is a B2B trade publication covering live entertainment venues across the globe, serving managers, owners, operators and bookers of arenas, amphitheaters, stadiums, performing arts centers, clubs, theaters and convention centers.

Founded in 2002 as Venues Today, the mission has always been to provide leaders affiliated with venues around the world the information behind the headlines. VenuesNow is committed to delivering industry-leading analysis and data-driven content geared to helping venues and their industry partners operate more effectively and profitably. We are focused on making connections between venues and the people and companies with whom they do business.

VenuesNow covers the issues venues care about most, from front-of-house to back-of-house, including operations, security, technology, concessions, bookings, sponsorships, ticketing, tenants and beyond. Additionally, VenuesNow’s box office charts, powered by Pollstar’s unsurpassed data, offer timely intel — truly unique and unparalleled in entertainment trade media. Our regular features include the Hot Tickets and Top Stops charts, chronicling the box office grosses and attendance for tours and events worldwide, and pinpointing individual performance and overall trends.

In 2018, we changed our name from Venues Today to VenuesNow and redesigned the publication. We also focused on our editorial package and assigned our staff to deliver the best venue-specific news, analysis and information, including stories on security, technology, operations concessions, and bookings.

As we move forward, VenuesNow continues to focus on data-driven content and broaden our horizons beyond arenas, stadiums, theaters, PACs, and convention centers into the world of festivals, amphitheaters, clubs and alternative venues. These venues share common challenges and opportunities, and the people who run them can and should learn from each other.

VenuesNow’s annual VenuesNow Conference was developed to provide thought leaders, influencers, and visionaries of live entertainment facilities and related businesses with a forum to discuss topics including technology, operations, security, tenants and teams, branding and sponsorships, ticketing, concessions, design, financing, bookings and content. With two full days of programming, the conference includes a variety of discussions and networking events focused on the current and future vision of the industry, cutting-edge initiatives, and trends.