Three Reasons To Submit Your Box Office Reports to VenuesNow

  • 1) Each Report Counts Toward Your Top Stops Ranking. The Top Stops and HotTickets charts highlight the highest grossing venues and events in the world. These charts are used by leading booking agents, artist managers and concert promoters. Event grosses are used to calculate our weekly, monthly, mid-year and year end charts, as well as our regional spotlight charts. 
  • 2) No One is Doing it For You. It’s not a good idea to rely on someone else to report your events, because it might not be getting done. It’s not uncommon for a facility to lose its ranking, simply because the building was relying on the promoter to file the box office report. 
  • 3) It’s Easier than Ever. Please submit all box office reports to Pollstar at and please contact [email protected] with any reporting inquiries.

Submitting events on time is key to ensuring that your venue and/or event makes it on as many charts as possible!