Vice president of guest service for North American concerts
Live Nation

Kate Lieberman, who has been with Live Nation for more than a decade, has proved instrumental in spearheading the development and continued growth of Live Nation’s first guest service and fan experience department since she assumed her current role in 2016.

“My greatest accomplishment this past year has been changing the way Live Nation approaches guest services at our venues,” Lieberman said. “We’ve developed a multitude of scalable programs from weather communication, feedback responses, utilization of data, to be able to improve the guest experience and make operational changes in real time.”

In 2019, the prevalence of social media and mobile devices allows fans to communicate with venues and promoters far more easily — which presents both a challenge to be met and an opportunity to be harnessed for Lieberman, her team and executives with similar roles across the industry.

“A trend I’m seeing in the industry is the shift in real-time, hospitality-driven guest services,” she said. “Across the industry, we’re seeing new technology and tools that enable us to communicate faster and directly with fans. That, combined with fast-acting, hospitality-focused staff and protocols allows us to alleviate issues or create once-in-a-lifetime moments for fans at the drop of a hat.”

That’s what Lieberman is eyeing for the year ahead.

“My team and I are continuing to evolve what it means to be a ‘fans first’ division,” Lieberman said. “We really want to focus on the nuances of the concert experience for guests: How can we amplify concertgoers’ positive experiences and alleviate common venue pain points to ensure we’re meeting our fans’ needs?”