Ebony Hattix

Senior Manager of Box Office Operations

FedExForum /Memphis Grizzlies


By Sarah Pittman
As a team player who is passionate about taking care of her people — both colleagues and patrons — it’s fitting that Ebony Hattix points to being part of the International Association of Venue Managers and the International Ticketing Association as contributing most to her professional success.

“Building a network, finding your tribe is one of the best things you can ever do,” Hattix said. “Once you find your group … you build your friendships and your relationships that go beyond just what you do with your job. And it takes you to a whole new level.”

She also praises the organizations’ educational offerings, from INTIX’s courses on new technology in ticketing to the value of having attended IAVM’s venue management school in 2015.

This year Hattix became the chair of IAVM’s diversity and inclusive leadership committee after serving as a committee member. The committee advises on programming and helps ensure IAVM is “being diverse and we’re including everyone into the organization.”

“Being a part of that organization and being able to look out and see people that look like you … it makes a difference,” Hattix said. “When you can be a part of bringing someone into the fold or giving them a seat at the table, it’s this most rewarding thing you can do. And that’s through mentorship.”

Asked about her thoughts on inclusivity in the live business, looking at both race and gender, Hattix said, “Well, I think that there’s always room for improvement. My dad always said, ‘When you think you’re at your best, you can do better.’”

In addition to helping FedEx Forum prep for its return with a focus on the safety of staff and guests, Hattix’s projects include volunteering with the Grizzlies’ Team Mentor Program as a mentor to seventh- and eighth-grade students.