Michael Evans


Live Nation Arenas


By Deborah Speer
Mike Evans is celebrating his 10-year anniversary as president of Live Nation Arenas in a time of challenges but also a time of innovation, and with new venues under construction in Austin, Texas, and Savannah, Ga., he’s showing that 2020 is about much more than COVID.

Of course, there is the “pandemic pivot” that virtually every major building in the country has undergone this spring and summer.

In addition to establishing protocols for safe reopening, Live Nation arenas and other venues have led the way in presenting alternatives to lost indoor concerts, such as drive-in shows.

For more than 35 years, Evans has focused on putting derrieres in seats. He’s done it as a talent buyer, a promoter, a facility operator and a management company executive. He brings all of those experiences to the fore in guiding Live Nation Arenas going forward.

“What we are seeing right now is an unprecedented collaboration across the industry from venues to promoters and everyone involved in live events to work together on the many pathways back to doing live shows safely again,” Evans said. “I am very bullish on the future of our business.”

In his role, he oversees the bookings at a select group of major market stadiums and arenas and frequently works with all of the facility management companies on special projects.