Ann Jackson

Chief People and Culture Officer

Oak View Group


At Oak View Group, Ann Jackson has had to not only stay true to her role as chief people and culture officer role during the pandemic but also achieve her department’s goals during trying times.

“(I’m proud of) being able to maintain my partnerships with all the leaders of my organization during this difficult time, allowing us to still sustain our relationships and not losing the trust and confidence,” Jackson said. (OVG is the owner of VenuesNow and Pollstar.)

Prior to joining OVG in January, Jackson served as vice president of HR for telecommunications and mass media company Charter Communications. In this position, she was charged with the task of providing support for the company’s employees during a highly emotional time when people were losing family members and colleagues and dealing with personal health scares.

“In these very difficult times, we have been the advocate, which means we’re in front of employees and in problem-solving mode,” Jackson said.

With this past year being people-focused, Jackson’s job description at both companies was one that helped ensure the safety and continuity of the businesses.

Yet, with everyone working off site, maintaining employee morale was not easy.

“I also had to keep my team engaged for them to be able to partner positively,” she said.

A vital part of Jackson’s current role is focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion throughout all aspects of Oak View Group.

“From the hiring process to development and growth opportunities within the organization, we need to mirror the communities we do business in,” she said.

— Lisa White