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The demand for d&b audiotechnik products was already back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022, and this year will be another record year for the audio supplier. The reason, according to CEO Amnon Harman, is because “productions are back and at an all-time high around the globe and we see a robust entertainment and corporate events market.”
What remains a challenge for all AV manufacturers are the disruptions on global trade and supply chains. Says Harman, “We assume it will take a good part of 2024 to be back to normal even here.”

He acknowledges that the past few years have been “a real roller coaster,” and adds, “since I am a glass-is-half-full person, I see the many opportunities coming out of the changes that this crisis implied in our markets. I feel energized by the market dynamic, the new opportunities coming from social changes, the digitalization, the new focus on sustainability. Last but not least, I feel inspired by the people of d&b and how they take on the new challenges.”

Some of d&b’s recent highlights include the launch of its new XSL loudspeaker line array, an extension of the company’s successful SL-Series. Says Harman, “Together with our new amplification platform D40 and 40D for live events and installations, we have the most complete and innovative line array spectrum for events and installations of all sizes, from the 500-people-seater conference rooms to big arenas and stadia up to more than 70,000 seats.”

For d&b, the future will be all about “connecting places, spaces, and people,” as Harman explains. “Immersive productions that combine audio, video and light with a high element of virtualization are the future. Creatives want to express their art via technology and the level of digitalization and networking enable productions that are extraordinary and address all senses.” He mentions the Sphere in Las Vegas and the virtual ABBA show in London as examples of this kind of production.

“The challenge will be to scale down these productions to an affordable level for the artists and the production companies regarding content production and the required AVLM equipment to make the show not only amazing, but also tourable and profitable,” he said.

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