Executive Director of Creative Technologies | L-Acoustics

While the post-pandemic economy in Europe is still full of uncertainty, one thing seems undoubtedly true: “People are hungry for shared real-life experiences,” as Guillaume Le Nost, executive director of creative technologies at L-Acoustics, puts it. “We have many ideas to continue to innovate in that space.”

From a business standpoint, “2023 was a very busy year for the entertainment industry, and we now focus on consolidating an ambitious vision for the years to come,” he explains. Part of that vision are new CSR projects that will be kickstarted in the near future, and which Le Nost is personally really excited about.

The first L-Acoustics highlight of 2023 was the introduction of its new L2 sound system, “praised by our pilot users worldwide for its performances, ease of deployment, and sonic qualities,” Le Nost says. The French company’s immersive sound system, L-ISA, received an upgrade, and major performing arts centers in Europe have been commissioned with it this year.

It’s difficult to describe what it feels like to stand in the middle of a L-ISA system and listen to a bass drum chasing the melody around in a circle, an eerie laugh approaching listeners from one end of the room, or ambient sounds that transport you into any environment intended by the creators. Le Nost considers the launch of this technology his biggest accomplishment to date.

“Navigating between technology and art is fascinating,” he says. “Recently, a press review was mentioning how great the sound was for the Jon Hopkins BBC Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall, saying something like ‘Thankfully it was not amplified.’ It was. With an L-ISA system. When technology becomes a pure vector of emotion, the magic happens.”

The huge topic of today: “Fully networked AV integration, as well as integration with immersive video designs.” It’s a big shift from the 1990s when L-Acoustics started providing audio systems for fixed installations.

“What has not changed,” Le Nost concludes, “is to highlight to all design teams that sound should be considered as early as possible in a project.”

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