Chris Wright
General Manager | Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium is a prime example of the next generation of football stadiums. Appropriately, the stadium also reflects the next generation of fans, artists and sports.

“The rapidity of emerging international artists that burst onto the stadium touring calendar and the diversity of performers has been very exciting,” says Chris Wright, general manager of the ASM Global-managed facility. “In the past 16 months Allegiant Stadium has hosted numerous K-Pop and Latin music performances including four sold-out BTS performances, Blackpink, two sold-out Bad Bunny shows, Karol G, Los Bukis and Grupo Firme.”

With only eight regular-season home games, Allegiant Stadium has found more than enough ways to stay busy on non-game days.

“Frankly, one of our biggest challenges is managing the sheer amount of programming we are juggling,” Wright says. “In addition to the heavy live event schedule, we also have a robust private event business. Private events provide a significant financial boost to the stadium, and we often have to weigh the opportunity costs of a live event vs private event.”

The younger generations crave live experiences and Allegiant Stadium is concrete evidence of that trend continuing.

“About 40% of our population falls into Gen Y and Gen Z demographic and while there are noticeable differences between the two generations, they both highly value live entertainment experiences,” Wright said. “That’s not to say that older generations don’t share the same values regarding live entertainment but to note that a continuation in the growth of platforms and offerings that are priced and positioned appropriately will buffer negative impacts on consumer confidence in the next generations of live entertainment consumers.”

Named the No. 1 grossing stadium by VenuesNow and sister publication Pollstar in 2022, Allegiant Stadium continues to offer new types of content and continue the momentum.
“In 2024 we will host the kickoff of the Australasian National Rugby league, which will introduce Rugby as a new programming channel for us,” Wright says. “We’re also looking to tap into the right fight matchup within the combat sports category as well as select destination events that are created for Allegiant Stadium and Las Vegas.”

That’s not to say Allegiant Stadium, which received LEED Gold status this summer, is getting obscure or grasping for straws to find good content for its world-class facility.

“We at the stadium are all very excited to host Super Bowl LVIII!,” Wright says. “It’s an event that we’ve anticipated since before we broke ground for the stadium and are thrilled to host in February 2024.” — Ryan Borba

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