Mindy Corr
Vice President & General Manager | Spurs Sports and Entertainment

The San Antonio Spurs have not only cemented themselves as one of the most winning organizations in the NBA with five championships since 1999, but they’ve also found success outside of basketball with a thriving venue, breaking attendance records for live events over the past year with Mindy Corr helping lead the charge.

Corr, vice president and general manager for Spurs Sports and Entertainment, helped the Frost Bank Center, formerly known as AT&T Center, make Pollstar’s Top 100 Arenas list in 2022 with live shows grossing more than $14 million, and she’s expecting the arena’s ancillary business to be just as strong this year, having broken attendance records for concerts as well as the Spurs.

“Our venue experienced significant growth in our concert business, both in volume and attendance, as we continued to diversify our concert lineup,” Corr said. “We also facilitated several major initiatives on the basketball side, celebrating the Spurs’ 50th Anniversary with an NBA attendance record-breaking game at the Alamodome and hosting two Spurs home games in Austin. Each of those events on their own were giant undertakings and to do them all in one year speaks to the amazing group I get to collaborate with every single day.”

The diversity in the arena’s offerings is a reflection of Corr’s team, which strives to foster an inclusive environment as it achieves its objectives.

“Creating a culture that allows us to build upon the ideas of others and collaborate across boundaries allows us to be the best versions of ourselves internally and externally and meet the goals we set for ourselves,” Corr said.

The Spurs worked with neighboring venues to persevere over the challenges brought on by COVID, and with business booming, Frost Bank Center is committed to enhancing the fan experience using AI technology.

Improving the fan experience is more than enough to bring a smile to any executive’s face, but what gratifies Corr most is simple: “The best part of my day is seeing and hearing the excitement from all of our staff and the community when they walk through our doors.” — Oscar Areliz

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