2023 Women Of Live: Kim Davis

Senior Vice President, Social Impact, Growth Initiatives & Legislation| National Hockey League

As senior executive vice president of social impact, growth initiatives and legislative affairs at the NHL, Kim Davis spearheads a course for the league to attract, retain and develop fans, specifically on a multicultural level.

Davis is excited about two of the league’s new initiatives — NHL Street, a platform that combines ball hockey, culture, music, fashion and food in an accessible way for the fan of the future; and NHL “PODs,” a deep dive into the cultural and behavioral attributes of multicultural groups to develop deeper, more authentic engagement with the league’s current and future diverse fans.

Most recently, successfully completing the 2022 Stanley Cup Final following two previous seasons of operating under COVID restrictions was a testament to NHL teamwork and collaboration across departments, clubs, partners, sponsors and fans.

“The success of two new broadcast partners — ESPN and WBD Sports (TNT) — amplifying the thrill and excitement on the ice was an exciting full return to arenas across North America,” she said.

Davis Joined the NHL in 2017 after more than two decades in finance. Her role includes to positively influence and impact the decisions of the NHL team owners and executives relating to culture, youth participation and social impact toward improving access and availability of the sport and grow the NHL long term. She reports to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

She says opportunities to continue to grow the NHL’s fanbase while continuing to navigate an ever-changing economic environment will keep everyone busy in 2023. Meanwhile, Davis sees the state of women in the live business poised for continued advancement.

“While the industry continues to focus on inclusion, the opportunity to move more women in C-suite positions is ever present,” she said. “[This] will require intentionality on the part of owners and CEOs to provide more stretch assignments, sponsor more women into key business roles and identify talent from non-traditional sources.”

Davis’ advice to is to keep in mind the three P’s — Preparation, Passion and Purpose.
“Always build your skills and competencies; know your passions and keep them in focus,” she said. “Be clear about your purpose. It is your North Star in life.”