Angie Chamberland
General Manager, 9:30 Club | Asst. Production Manager, I.M.P.

As general manager of the Washington, D.C.-based 9:30 Club and assistant production manager for I.M.P., Angie Chamberland has a unique perspective on venue operation and the impact of Capitol Hill on the live industry.

“I.M.P. and the 9:30 Club have a long history of strong contributions to live entertainment and for always being forward thinking in their efforts to build a great experience for patrons, staff and artists alike,” Chamberland said. “That history is part of what makes it so exciting to be part of this particular company and venue.”

In the past year, I.M.P. has focused on sustainability by reducing single-use plastic waste, focusing on staffing and training and the successful launch of the company’s fifth venue, The Atlantis, a replica of the original 9:30 Club.

“These kinds of efforts show that we can balance major progressive moves as industry leaders but also take the time to focus on the ‘small everyday details’ that really help build the culture and environment that we’re so well known for,” Chamberland said.

The topic of inclusivity and the role of women in the company is important to Chamberland.

“I’m admittedly in a bit of an especially lucky situation working for a company that has a lot of strong female leadership at all levels — from our COO to our department heads to our part-time labor pool — it is a strong part of our company culture.”

Mentorship is also an important part of the company ethos.

“I’m particularly appreciative of the mentorship I’ve found in the production side of the company that isn’t always accessible to women in other workplaces,” she said. “Overall, we’re seeing a lot more women on the road, in leadership in venues, and it’s definitely a sign of an increasingly inclusive industry, and I think inclusivity isn’t just about women. I’m just looking forward to seeing more of it.”

Inspiration isn’t gender specific. Chamberland’s mentors include Ed Stack, the production manager for I.M.P. and former GM for the 9:30 Club. “Ed and Gus Vitale have been huge influences from my first days working at 9:30 and were ahead of their time in treating women on the gig equitably over the span of their careers. It seems simple, but 10, 20 years ago that was still pretty rare.”

Chamberland’s advice to new team members is to find a mentor who challenges you.

“This isn’t an easy line of work, and we face new challenges every day,” she said. “Having a mentor that helps you normalize those challenges and helps you get comfortable with them is a great benefit.”

Chamberland is optimistic about the future of live entertainment.

“The challenges may be greater in many ways, but it also definitely feels like we’re playing at a different level with how much is coming in at any given time,” she said. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this industry is that there’s no way to predict what tomorrow’s challenges are really going to be — we just do our best to be prepared for anything!”


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