Jennifer Anthony

SVP Property Marketing | Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel

New and modernized casino venues continue to give opportunities for artists of all sizes to play an intimate environment with top-notch amenities, with Yaamava’ Theater near Palm Springs a prime example.

“What is incredibly rewarding for our team is that several big-name artists are returning this year,” says Jennifer Anthony, senior vice president of product marketing for Yaamava’ Resort & Casino, mentioning 2023 shows by Ed Sheeran, Missy Elliott and Maluma. “I realize that such growth, name recognition and reputation may be unprecedented in such a short time.”

She credits the San Manuel Tribe, booking partner Live Nation and the venue’s executive staff. “Live entertainment is filling that need for our loyal casino guests and first-time concert goers alike,” she said. “With the success of the current tours, the momentum will continue if the demand continues to be there, and the artists are willing to fill the demand.”

Anthony says she works with more women than men in senior positions — both within her organization and externally — as gender equity continues to improve within the business, although it’s not perfect. “Women continue to be held to a different professional standard. For example, a woman with strong opinions and passion for her work can be misinterpreted until she proves her worth and value through results,” Anthony said. “We have some work to do there.” While advocating for yourself and working to get noticed and get results, Anthony says it’s important to keep a healthy perspective.

“The advice I give younger team members is that you need to find the balance between being driven and passionate about something but also remaining humble and empathetic,” she said. “You should not try to be the star of the show. Being successful requires a team effort and everyone needs to be on board. Influence comes in many forms. Being known as an effective leader of people, thoughts and ideas is rewarding for me.”

She mentions a return performance from Andrea Bocelli and an upcoming Steve Nicks show as things she’s particularly excited about. While Ed Sheeran’s underplay at the venue was tops in 2023. “The best part was seeing his performance in a 2,500-seat venue, and it was our 2,500-seat venue,” she said. “It was a seminal moment for me. I remember being in the audience and realizing that the hard work and effort given by all my teams across the enterprise all year came together to form this amazing experience and put us on the map of a must-play venue for tours routing through Southern California.”


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