Nicole Hohnhorst

General Manager | Aramark Sports & Entertainment 

Often the story of making it in any business requires sacrificing personal life or leisure, be it in pursuit of a new job or promotion, or just in order to keep up with the work. Aramark’s Nicole Hohnhorst is a prime example of putting in the work and excelling at a high level in her field, and shows that having support of a strong team and within the organization means not having to choose between work and family.

“What’s next for me that I’m most excited about personally is taking some time away and growing my family,” said Hohnhorst, general manager for Aramark at City National Grove of Anaheim in Southern California’s Orange County. “My husband and I are currently expecting our first child due in April this year. I feel incredibly supported by Aramark and the team at The Grove to be able to take the necessary time to welcome our new addition into the world — and I feel confident in having a continued path for career growth when I return in the fall. I look forward to seeing all of the success my team will undoubtedly achieve during that time, with so many exciting events lined up already for 2024.”

Hohnhorst oversees all aspects of the food and beverage program at the 1,700-seat theater, which is operated by Nederlander Concerts and located right next to Angels Stadium.

“2023 was a record year for our venue revenue wise and I think that’s a byproduct of so many things; but most importantly having the right team in place to keep driving the business forward, not being afraid to think outside of the box and creating an environment where customers and clients look to repeatedly return,” said Hohnhorst, who joined Aramark in 2018 as director of catering operations at the Anaheim Convention Center before taking her current role in November 2020.

She says the fact that women are taking up more senior and management roles within the food service industry is a positive.

“Starting with our Aramark Sports & Entertainment president who has several women vice presidents under her leadership, one of which oversees the West Region in which I am incredibly proud to be a part of,” she said. “In my district alone, women make up 60% of the GMs and AGMs. I look forward to seeing more women in these positions. I think it continues to be shown that the more women are involved in the industry, the better. I look to the women in Aramark Sports & Entertainment as truly game changers leading the way forward.”

While she says there are multiple forms of great leadership, Hohnhorst stresses communication is of the utmost importance in any field.

“The advice I give to those that look to me for it would be to always exercise patience and communicate your expectations,” she said. “In the words of (professor and author) Brene Brown, ‘Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.’”

She says as long as the industry continues to adapt to the consumer, any golden era of live entertainment can continue.

“With continued innovation across all areas in the live entertainment industry we can keep the momentum strong into the future, as the guest experience continues to evolve, and we continue to evolve with it.”


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