Impact NextGen: Tracy Buskirk

TRACY BUSKRIK, Manager, Events & Settlement | Nederlander Concerts

When the pandemic hit, those in the industry were forced to think outside of the box; in many cases, this meant thinking outside of the venue.

For Tracy Buskirk, Nederlander Concerts’ manager of events & settlements, this meant stepping in as assistant general manager at Drive-In OC at The City National Grove of Anaheim to create an outdoor concert series. It ended up being one of the highlights of her career in the events industry.

“After what felt like an eternity without live music, it was so memorable to play a role in this old-school, yet brand-new concept,” Buskirk said. “Everything from learning how to program the app used to ensure a contactless guest experience, to staying up to date with the ever changing guidelines made me realize that even though the world looked different, live events weren’t going anywhere, they were just getting smarter. Witnessing the round of honks between each song is a snapshot in time that I’ll never forget.”

Buskirk began her career as assistant to the Greek Theatre’s general manager before branching out into production, operations and settlement/finance. She wears many hats in her current role, where she serves as a promoter rep ensuring the planning and execution of all events in regard to operations, production and settlement; preparing, facilitating and negotiating artist, venue and co-promoter settlements; coordinating all aspects of special event booking at the Pantages Theatre, including award shows, film shoots, movie premiers and non-profit events; reviewing venue contracts; and managing company-wide schedule and show assignments.

“Our generation’s superpower is flexibility,” she said. “We have grown up alongside the rise of technology and are quick to adapt because of it.”

Her goals include opening a new venue. With the proposed 6,200-capacity San Pedro Waterfront Amphitheater that Nederlander Concerts will book and manage, this dream looks like it could become a reality for Buskirk.

“Having worked under Rena Wasserman for a decade now has given me a front-row seat to what it looks like to be a B.O.S.S.,” she said. “Out of all the things that she has taught me, I think the most crucial lesson is that there is no job above or beneath you.”


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