Date: September 2003


I'm reading the current issue of VT, page 2, and the editor's note correcting the SMG acquisition of Centerplate. In the note, VT states that SMG acquired Centre Management. Unfortunately, that is also untrue. While SMG purchased venue contracts for the Baltimore Arena and the Cleveland State Convocation Center from Centre Management years ago, Centre Management is still owned by Washington Sports and Entertainment, and Centre Management operates the George Mason University Patriot Center (where I am general manager) and has since 1985. Please make an additional correction in your next issue.

Thanks, Barry Geisler, General Manager, Patriot Center, Fairfax, Va.


I noticed a letter to the editor in the latest issue regarding women in senior roles with the company. Please note that Alice Marini is our vice president of human resources for Comcast-Spectacor and its subsidiary GlobalSpectrum and is one of the key executives within the senior management level. Here is some information on Alice Marini SPHR, vice president, Human Resources:

• Responsible for all functions of human resources for Global Spectrum

• Current vice president of Human Resources for Comcast-Spectacor

• Former vice president of Human Resources for SMG

• Active member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

• Current member of Advisory Board to Sports & Entertainment Human Resources Form (SEHRF) Accredited Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) – 1983 to Present

• Founding member of Sports & Entertainment Personnel Network – 1984

• Former member of Advisory Board to Resources for Women, University of Pennsylvania

• Attended N.T.L. Institute and University of Pennsylvania

• Over 25 years of industry experience

Ike Richman,Vice President of PRComcast-Spectacor, Philadelphia

(Editor's Note: The above letter is in response to one printed last month noting the top private management companies had very few women in top corporate slots.)