Former NFL executive Jim Steeg and Rick Nafe worked a pair of Super Bowls at old Tampa Stadium when Nafe was its director of operations. The second of those two games came in 1991 during the Gulf War, which marked the first time NFL officials “really started to go through this concern about security” going into the Super Bowl, said Steeg, who for many years served as point man for the NFL championship game. Ten days before the Super Bowl, the U.S. launched a massive aerial attack against Saddam Hussein’s forces in occupied Kuwait. As a result, there was a late scramble to put additional security measures in place to safeguard the fans as well as the teams and everybody else involved in producing the world’s biggest one-day sporting event. Nafe was front and center for upgrading the procedures. “We had pat-downs, which had never been done before … and… Continue Reading Lockdown: The Birth of Enhanced Security for the Super Bowl Came on Nafe’s Watch
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