Built in 1950, The U.S. Cellular Arena is a major (12,700 capacity) sports and entertainment venue, home to decades of sports legend and rock & roll history, college and professional basketball, hockey, circuses, motorsports, banquets, ceremonies and assemblies of all kinds.

The U.S. Cellular Arena has received over $16 million in improvements since 1998, including new video and scoring systems, totally-refurbished seats, improved access for people with disabilities, improved concession stands, new floors and finishes, improved HVAC, and bold new new outdoor lighting and signage. The Wisconsin Athletic Walk of Fame, a new, outdoor, public promenade, was also added alongside the building.

The U.S. Cellular Arena’s extraordinarily strong ceiling can support the heaviest shows on the road, and is “ready to rig” any conceivable arrangement of lighting, sound and other equipment. The building is technologically up-to-date, with high-speed Internet service delivered through a T-3 fiber backbone.

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