Alicia Woznicki

VP of Design + Development | Aramark Sports + Entertainment

From mobile ordering chat bots in 2016 to remote operated self-serve robots in 2022, Alicia Woznicki has overseen some of Aramark Sports and Entertainment’s cutting-edge, award-winning innovations and marketing platforms.

As vice president of design and development, Woznicki is focused on innovation, revenue generation, adult beverage programming and business and concept development. Since joining Aramark in 2015, she has also developed new food and beverage concepts and supported extensive renovation projects including Empower Field, Capital One Arena, Arrowhead Stadium and FirstEnergy Stadium.

“This is a pivotal point in time for our industry,” she said. “The past year has demonstrated that fans are more comfortable and excited about being back at live events, and they’re choosing to spend their time and money on those experiences at increasing and historical rates. Because of this trend, we are pushed to innovate and evolve our offerings so that we are delivering the best possible experiences that keep them engaged and coming back for more.”

As the company returns to a new normal, Woznicki has focused on building relationships with brands and partners, launching new culinary innovations and service styles and growing Aramark’s portfolio of clients. Internally, she leads innovation experts in all venue segments including sports, convention centers, performance venues, cultural attractions and more.

She anticipates the expansion of frictionless and automated service styles in concessions including mobile capabilities, kiosk ordering, autonomous stores, and their VenuesNow-award-winning automated bartender partner that digitally validates age and pours cocktails.

“Anything that can meet growing demand with increased speed and efficiency and get fans back to enjoying their event, those service enhancements will win the day,” she said. “In premium spaces, we will continue to see a proliferation of product offerings with increased flexibility to cater to younger demographics.”

Woznicki also anticipates more menu and concept advances including their popular “Dare to Pair” program across nine Major League Baseball accounts, including a notable Elvis Shake (banana cream, soft serve ice cream, peanut butter sauce, Cracker Jack, and candied bacon) at Coors Field.

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