Jill Monaghan

Senior Project Designer, Fun Director | Generator Studio

In an evolving industry, Jill Monaghan, senior project designer and fun director for Generator Studio, says the lingering impacts from the pandemic have taught those in the industry to be more flexible and have opened the door for previously unexplored revenue streams.

“One example (is that) further use of technology (has provided) different avenues for fan engagement with teams, acts, brands and sponsors,” she said.

Pandemic challenges aside, Kansas City-based architecture and interior design firm Generator Studio has benefitted from exponential growth this year, with projects that have been on pause since the second quarter of 2020 kicking back up.

“Across the board, we are seeing teams and companies pursuing venue upgrades or starting new projects,” Monaghan said.

Generator Studio was selected as primary architect for the NWSL Kansas City Current soccer team.

“We are breaking ground on the first purpose-built women’s professional soccer stadium in North America in (early October),” Monaghan said.

“We also celebrated the opening of the KC Current’s training complex in June of this year. It has been a transformative year, and I personally am very grateful to be part of the team elevating women’s professional sports.”

Monaghan counts herself lucky to play what she calls a minor part of the long overdue culture shift putting women’s athletics at the forefront of
professional sports.

“I really enjoy being part of the conversation with organizations that are forward-thinking, seek ways to create new experiences and prioritize inclusivity, sustainability and authenticity in the built environment,” she said.

Looking ahead, for professional sports venues specifically, Monaghan predicted further diversification of products to appeal to fans with different price points and who want unique experiences.

“We will continue to see evolving content, sponsorship deals and engagement opportunities driven through apps and AR/VR. Sports betting will continue to grow and have a physical presence in many facilities,” she said.

“Flipping to a less literal outlook, I think, as a whole, sports teams will continue to emphasize the importance of physical well-being, mental health and sustainability.” 

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