2023 Women Of Live: Amy Latimer

President, TD Garden | Chief Development Officer of Growth, Delaware North

Visionary leaders see the long-term rather than the present, even if the present can complicate things. Such is the case with TD Garden’s naming rights deal that extends through 2045, one of the longest-standing naming rights deals in the country. The conversation started at the onset of COVID in 2020, which could have thrown a wrench in things.

“Not only is the partnership (extension) length nearly unheard of, but it was also the fact that we both wanted to renew early,” said TD Garden President Amy Latimer, adding that the deal was finalized in January. “The relationship between TD Garden and TD Bank was solid and it made so much sense to both parties to say ‘Hey, we know this is working, let’s just get ahead of it and renew early.’” The deal has led to a new initiative, “Access The Arts,” that includes two community programs focused on diversity, inclusion and equity — TD Guest List and TD Garden House Artist.

“We have such an amazing platform for local artists to showcase their talent, use their voice for DE&I efforts and bring a new level of experience to fans coming into the arena,” she said.

Latimer predicts wider adoption of DEI initiatives across the industry, which she hopes becomes more commonplace.

“I see so many more women in executive leadership roles in the industry,” she said. “I hear productive conversations being had and see working groups being created to be more intentional and inclusive across all businesses. The change I’d like to see is diversity across business as the norm, not the exception.”

Noting that she’s had many mentors and inspirational leaders, starting in sports and into the collegiate level, one colleague still stands out as “a primary mentor.”
“Mary Clivio worked at TD Garden for decades and retired in 2011, but she continues to attend events and stay in touch,” Latimer said. “She is truly the original ‘Woman of Live’ having been a pioneer in the premium sales and service industry. She is the queen of connections and is as authentic as they come. I think I am just one on a long list of many of Mary’s mentees.”