2023 Women Of Live: Crystal Robinson-Wesley

Vice President of Entertainment and Activations | Palms Casino Resort

Crystal Robinson-Wesley’s career arc has taken her from entertainer to entertainment executive as vice president of entertainment and activations at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the reopening of the 2,500-capacity Pearl Concert Theater on Sept. 3, 2022, with a sold-out performance by Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, Robinson-Wesley is looking forward to the venue’s first full calendar year of programming after being shuttered for 903 days.

“As a fan, there are countless opportunities to see your favorite artist,” she said. “As a venue operator, we have the opportunity to attract those artists to our venue and to put our best foot forward when they are here to enhance both the artist and fan experience.”

Robinson-Wesley said there is increased interest in the venue as well as other Palms properties. “We have multiple other live entertainment activations and venues, and it’s exciting to pursue, secure and experience such a diverse group of entertainers,” Robinson-Wesley said. “We are looking for talent not just for the ticketed high-profile opportunities, but also atmospheric. The variety of talent we get to engage with is inspiring and what really excites me.”

A 2000 graduate of Howard University with a degree in journalism and business administration, Robinson-Wesley said the role of women in the live entertainment business continues to evolve.

“More women are emerging in leadership positions and making a direct and compelling impact, but there’s still room for improvement in representation and inclusion overall,” she said. “There’s open dialogue among women in the live industry here locally in Las Vegas and that feels encouraging – that there’s a supportive network of women who want to see and help other women succeed in the field. Of course, equitable opportunity for all is the goal I’d like to see achieved.”

She said she’s achieved success with the support of mentors across multiple industries and disciplines throughout her career. “It’s so important and impactful to have different people from various backgrounds and perspectives to help guide you,” she said.