Mid-Atlantic: ‘We’ve Kind of Stopped Projecting’

SAAAA-LUTE: The Black Keys play The Anthem, one of several Washington, D.C.-area venues that I.M.P. operates. (John Shore) When the time is right, D.C.’s I.M.P. will aim to return The Anthem to its newfound glory The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on hundreds of venues across the country over the past month, leading to thousands of layoffs and show cancellations as promoters and building owners wait for their governors to announce when their states will be open for business again. In the D.C. area, independent promoter I.M.P. was looking forward to a robust year at its venues, which include the legendary 9:30 Club, Merriweather Post Pavilion amphitheater and 3-year-old The Anthem, just blocks from the National Mall. After a busy 2019 that saw The Anthem welcome artists from Robyn and Kenny Chesney to Lizzo, Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons and primate researcher Dr. Jane Goodall, while the 9:30 Club hosted… Continue Reading Mid-Atlantic: ‘We’ve Kind of Stopped Projecting’

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Continue Reading Mid-Atlantic: ‘We’ve Kind of Stopped Projecting’

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