Author: Oscar Areliz

Prep questioned for chaotic Copa final

What was supposed to be a celebration to conclude the Copa America soccer tournament at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday became a security nightmare with unruly fans, many without tickets, forcing their way into the NFL facility by storming the gates, climbing on top of the box office roof to reach a pedestrian ramp, and most shockingly, crawling into the building’s ventilation system. Continue Reading Prep questioned for chaotic Copa final

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New Starting Point In Chicago

New York and Los Angeles are markets that will always dominate headlines and lead the charge when it comes to entertainment, but Chicago isn’t far behind with cultural contributions beyond that of sports and food. The Windy City is a hotbed for music with acts such as Chance the Rapper and Smashing Pumpkins. Reinforcing the concept is Outset, a 750-capacity venue set to open June 1 as a starting point for some artists. Continue Reading New Starting Point In Chicago

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