NEW VIBE: Kim Bedier was named senior vice president of OCVibe and Honda Center in Anaheim, California, in July of 2021. (Courtesy venue)

Industry Veteran Ponders Next Move

Kim Bedier, a 2022 VenuesNow Women of Live honoree, is departing Honda Center and the surrounding OCVibe development surrounding the Anaheim, California, arena.

The news broke last week that Bedier, who arrived in Anaheim as as senior vice president of ocV!BE and Honda Center in 2021, would depart as of May 3.

In an email exchange with VenuesNow, Bedier said she is going to take time off “to focus on the ‘life’ part of ‘work-life balance.'”

Bedier and her husband, Richard Andersen, himself a venues industry consultant, gave a presentation on that very subject at a recent IAVM regional conference and decided to take her own words to heart, she said. Andersen is busy in the professional development space with VSG Advantage Training.

Bedier, who joked that she put in an application with VSG, but hasn’t heard back, said a particular part of the presentation resonated with her:

“That self-care is not selfish, and realizing it is actually less about you and more so you can be better for those around you (at home and work) — and that all this great advice I was delivering was worth taking for myself.”

She is not retiring, per se.

“Not ready for the ‘r”’word yet! I believe I have a lot to offer and am excited to see what opportunities will manifest in the universe of sport and entertainment,” Bedier said. “It’s more about another ‘r’ word: ‘re-fire!’”

Bedier emailed colleagues from the IAVM’s Venue Management School, where she has been an instructor, announcing her departure and intention to take a break before determining her next move.

A native of Canada with decades of venues industry experience, Bedier is a Certified Venues Executive who has taught venue management both in the U.S. and in the Asia-Pacific region. in 2022 from Tacoma, Washington, where she ran the Tacoma Dome.

OCVIBE: A rendering of the ocV!BE entertainment district with Honda Center as its anchor, in Anaheim, California. (Courtesy ocV!BE Sports & Entertainment)

Morell Marean, chief operating officer of OC Sports and Entertainment, said in an email to staff that Bedier “re-established Honda Center as a ‘go to’ venue in a highly competitive market for entertainment,” while laying “a strong foundation … for the future of OCVibe.”

Asked if she prefers the planning of new or expanded facilities to running them, Bedier said it was a “tough call.”

“I am passionate about being in on the planning stages and able to influence decisions that impact long-term operations,” she said. “So often in a new build or renovation, the operator’s (and ultimately the fan’s) needs are not heard. One of the things I have loved about the OCVIBE project is working with our development team and particularly our architects Julie Smith-Clementi and Frank Clementi — they are all brilliant but also great listeners.”

Bedier said she also loves getting a venue up and running “and being able to play with and show off a shiny new object.”

“It is a ton of work by an entire village and incredibly satisfying to get those doors open.,” she said. “I also love it when a seasoned venue and team are cruising along on all cylinders, coming up with ways to make memories every day.”

Bedier says she loves Southern California, but “geography would never be a barrier to a future opportunity.”

It’s not immediately clear who will step in for Bedier in Anaheim.