GRAND CENTRAL FLORIDA Rapper Wiz Khalifa performs at Rare Festival, an electronic dance and hip-hop music festival, on Oct. 6, 2018, at the Orlando Amphitheater at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. (Getty Images) Amphitheaters and Pavilions Could Lead Post-Coronavirus Reopening When concerts and other live events return, look for gates, not doors, to reopen. While tiny clubs seem poised to return first, amphitheaters, pavilions and other outdoors spaces will likely follow close behind — and well ahead of their roofed indoor brethren. Though they share risky spots, like concessions, restrooms, and ingress and egress points, outdoor spaces more easily lend themselves to the social distancing guidelines that public health officials recommend to curb the spread of coronavirus, and without ventilation systems or low ceilings, probably pose less risk of circulating airborne pathogens. Top Stops For All Capacity Categories: Florida From a business perspective, amphitheaters make sense for artists, promoters and venues… Continue Reading Floridians Flock To Fresh Air
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