Vice President, Artist & Promoter Relations | Ticketmaster

A lifelong music fan, Brita Christensen followed her passion and turned it into a position.

“As someone with no musical talent of their own, I had very narrow understanding of the kinds of ‘jobs’ you could have in music,” she said. “All of them seemed to require some basic understanding of music composition, production, or performance – which I had none of.”

In college she immersed herself in as many campus music groups as she could and was hired as an on-campus rep for Universal Music Group, giving her first-hand experience in marketing and promotion and introducing her to industry professionals that would become mentors.

“I’m fortunate to work for two really intentional and thoughtful leaders, David Marcus and Blythe Reyes,” Christensen said. “They’ve completely transformed the culture of the music team at Ticketmaster and have given me a great blueprint for what honest and courageous leadership looks like.”

It’s advice she readily shares with aspiring entertainment professionals, who she says should think creatively and broadly about their careers.

“If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there are so many more jobs and opportunities in this industry than most people even realize,” she said.

As music becomes increasingly accessible and decentralized, Christensen sees new points of convergence between music, tech and consumers, bringing more opportunity. She thinks her generation and the next are uniquely qualified for the challenges ahead.

“One of the prevailing traits that I’ve noticed among my generation – and perhaps even more so with younger generations — is a strong sense of empathy. In my experience, leading with empathy fosters greater trust and collaboration, both essential to any productive team dynamic.”

Fan empathy led to one her personal accomplishments this year creating custom ticketing solutions including four mammoth BTS shows at Allegiant Stadium, which she said “was the manifestation of years of listening to and learning from BTS fans and trying to design a ticketing experience that took their needs into consideration as much as possible.”


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