Carter Bondy
Floor Supervisor
Niagara Falls Convention Centre

Carter Bondy sees the delight in the details.

“There are countless small highlights every day: working with satisfied clients, hosting successful events, collaborating with industry professionals”

Though the Niagara Falls Convention Centre floor supervisor and former Brock College rugby player has only been in the venues industry for less than a year, he’s had a passion for the live business from an early age.

“My time as an athlete nurtured my strength and passion for teamwork and collaboration, essential skills in this industry,” he said.

He calls his first months in venues “transformative” and says as one of the youngest members of the NFCC team, he brings a level of native digital and technological strengths to the table.

“My expertise is best demonstrated in event programming, including building and altering ticketed events and shows,” he said. “Growing up in the era of social media, our generation naturally embraces its potential for sharing experiences and opinions, which proves beneficial in staying up-to-date on current events and connecting with audiences through various platforms.”

Bondy looks up to his mother “first and foremost” as the person who modeled dedication to family, friends and work in hospitality.”

“She introduced me to the professional side of events and venue management, igniting my passion for this field,” he said, while also expressing appreciation for NFCC President and General Manager Noel Buckley and Director of Events Carrie Paolone.

Bondy, a recent IAVM “30 Under 30” honoree, says he’s excited about the potential of artificial intelligence to automate tasks and for augmented and virtual reality to provide more immersive and engaging event experiences, but notes it will take “substantial investment and user familiarity” and grappling with privacy concerns before there is wide adoption.

“One particular quote that resonates deeply is, ‘You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the levels of your systems,’” he said. “This mantra underscores the significance of daily systems and incremental improvements, driving long-term success in all aspects of life. Embracing this philosophy has positively impacted my personal and professional growth.”