Kayla Schine 
VP Premium Sales & Experiences
ASM Global

Working in live entertainment can be arduous, but for those who make a living pleasing people hundreds and thousands at a time, it’s a special calling, one ASM Global’s Kayla Schine heard when she was a child.

“I went to my first concert when I was 9 and remember being absolutely captivated by the lights, the sound, the crowd, all of it. By the time I was in college, I had more live music moments that gave me goosebumps than I could possibly count, and it seemed silly to pursue anything else as my career,” she said. Schine got her start as a premium seat intern for Live Nation in 2009 at her local stomping ground, Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut. “I joked with my colleagues there for years that I started as an intern and then just never left, but it’s the truth —I was absolutely hooked and still cannot imagine doing anything else.”

Schine counts as a career highlight the 2015 opening of The Fillmore Philadelphia, a reboot of an earlier Live Nation attempt with the brand in another part of town.

“It was the first time I was a part of really building a premium program from the ground up, from pre-construction design of the spaces to ticket package concepts to staffing,” Schine said of the venue that’s opening run included shows with Daryl Hall & John Oates, Tom Petty and Joe Walsh.

Schine worked her way up to coordinator, then manager, and later senior director and vice president of premium seat sales with Live Nation before moving to a similar role with ASM Global last year.

It all gave Schine an appreciation for “how multiple departments work together to make this live music machine run,” bolstered by her experience in marketing, booking contracts and private events.

Schine sees guests “looking for a more curated experience rather than just buying a ticket and attending an event.” She and her team are eager to deliver.

“We’re at a point where the status quo is no longer going to be enough — people want more,” she said. “I believe that service drives value, so if we’re going to be a successful program, it will be imperative that we provide unparalleled value. Our technologies, package offerings, spaces and, most importantly, our team members all need to come together with one goal in mind: creating an experience that leaves fans continuously speechless.”