Frankie Accardi-Peri

What were you doing in 1979?
Selling tickets at the haunted Brigantine Castle (voted the scariest attraction in the U.S. at the time).

What drew you to INTIX?
Grateful Dead Ticket Sales. As co-manager of a growing enterprise, we realized early on the value of networking through INTIX. 

Talk about a mentor you met through INTIX and how that person helped better you personally and professionally.
Pat Spira, always raising the bar higher, making me realize I could achieve feats I never thought possible!

What’s an INTIX membership benefit that has been especially helpful to you?
Lifelong friendships/networking with colleagues.

What business challenge has kept you awake at night the most over the course of your career?
Promoters not honoring the agreed upon seat allotments and ticket prices, changing the facts after the remainder of the tickets were sold. Dead Heads are extremely fussy about their seat locations!

Given the constant advancements in technology, what’s the best way to maintain the human touch and personal service in ticketing?
Customer service, having an open connection to “Stay In Touch.”

How do you see INTIX leading the way into the future of ticketing?
With the advancement of technology, the face of the ticket industry has completely changed in the decades that I have been involved.  I expect that it will keep changing at an excelled rate.  INTIX will be there on the roller coaster ride as the industry continues into the future.

What’s your favorite INTIX memory?
Wow, so many memories, how does one decide?  Can't really talk about the wild parties with the New Yorkers, Alaskans, British/Scottish, Canadians and the Colorado/Utah folks. Let's see, Jesse with a balloon in his stroller at an Exhibition opening, the bus rides, the museums, the cocktail hours, taking breaks with Liz and Shane, the awards luncheons, the gift committee, the auction, the prizes, etc., etc., etc.
I think my favorite and most memoriable was Chief Leonard George’s keynote address in Vancouver. The humanitarian message that he gave that day has stayed with me as a guide in my personal and business path through life.
Thank you, INTIX.