Maureen Andersen
President, INTIX

What a fantastic time of change we are seeing in our industry today! Much has been written this year about the transformative change that is occurring in our industry.  Simply put, we’re in for a real eye opener in the year(s) ahead. There is a feeling of electricity in the air as we prepare for the next great wave of change to sweep over us. And, I’m excited that the INTIX community has once again come together to discuss these and other industry trends at INTIX’s 40th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition.

As entertainment industry professionals we access and manage the backend more efficiently, but we will also do far more on the frontend to engage with the consumer. This extends to events themselves, where the proliferation of Wi-Fi and RFID has led to fully integrated mobile experiences that improve fan engagement — from minimum-click mobile purchasing to VIP package options that get fans closer to the artists, athletes and teams they love. #INTIX2019 is moving to RFID — we’ll have a custom lead-retrieval system to connect attendees and exhibitors provided by Microcom Corp. 

As we look to our future blockchain technology and associated words such as “cryptocurrencies” remain a “distant” and mysterious concept, still not fully understood by most people and likely to raise the question: “Is this real?” Not only is it real, but it’s about to have an impact on everything we do. Just as wireless led to a paradigm shift in our industry, so will the blockchain; a shared public ledger of information that many believe can create efficiencies and build positive fan sentiment and engagement.  While the sports industry is abuzz with the possibilities of blockchain technology, the looming question is how far into the industry will it reach? We’ll find out soon enough.  At INTIX 2019, we’ll help demystify blockchain, with panels on how it and open-source software will revolutionize ticketing plus impacts for the user experience and the ticketing professional.

One thing we must remain focused on is hospitality and service, the hallmark of our long and noble industry. We need to find ways to use all this wonderful technology to better engage, communicate and welcome guests to our venues. In a sense, we are returning to moment-to-moment sales and person-to-person relationships, but we’re doing it in new and exciting ways. Let’s keep doing that in 2019 as we continue to embrace change, ensuring that our venues remain open, accessible, safe and hospitable for all.

It is worth pausing for a moment to reflect on what the 40th anniversary of INTIX means. We gather annually for our moment-to-moment and person-to-person relationships, to share our stories, to learn from each other and to celebrate our elders and our past. We are so grateful for those that have led us to this point; we relish the excitement of today; and we embrace a bright future and all of the  opportunities and challenges with open arms. I am reminded that it takes a village to do this great work of INTIX or in our case a “tribe” of professionals who are collectively driving the Future of Ticketing and Entertainment! 

Celebrate with us in Texas Jan. 29-31 but mark your calendars NOW for our spectacular
#intix2020, back where we belong, in NYC Jan. 21-23, 2020.