Outernet London is going up on Denmark Street at the edge of London’s West End.  (Courtesy Outernet London)

2,000-cap venue at the heart of new London entertainment district

Outernet London is the name of a new $1.2 billion development project in the heart of London.

The project comes with a new 2,000-capacity underground venue, and developers are determined to preserve the rich cultural heritage of historic Denmark Street — including the reopening of the famous 12 Bar Club.

The heart of the new development is a new building right outside the entrance to Tottenham Court Road tube station that features 8K floor-to-ceiling LED screens encircling the inside of the building.

Aside from creative ways to advertize and/or complement shows happening in the 2,000-cap venue below, it is, of course, prime advertizing space for companies selling to the London crowd.

The building will also feature a second 500-cap venue in the increased capacity 12 Bar site, as well as an aditionall 300-cap venue, which can also be utilized for small-capacity concerts, according to Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, CEO of Outernet, who spoke to VenuesNow on a Zoom call.

O’Ferrall ran Viacom’s global velocity, content & events activation business prior to joining Outernet, where his colleagues include COO James McEwan (ex Dentsu Aegis), CCO Ben Maher (ex JCDecaux), creative director Jody Malam (ex MTV), head of scheduling Anthony Rochford (ex Channel 5/MTV), CTO Mike Whittaker (ex Fox Networks), Marco Brambilla (Global Artist) responsible for arts & culture, Alex Johnston (co-Founder of Freuds) in charge of comms, digital publishing director Dan Patton (ex AOL Music/ex MTV) and the head of the Youth Board Jordan Schwarzenberger.

The business already owns the real estate for the $1.2 billion project, a proportion of the financing is coming from Blackstone investment group.

Outernet owns 90-plus percent of the property on Denmark Street, which is tightly connected to London’s musical history, hosting music shops and independent recording studios since the 1960s.

Outernet has given all the music shops special leases, including a clause that says they have to remain music-related businesses forever. Preserving the heritage of the area is a cornerstone of Outernet’s plans, who seem determined to master the balancing act between commercial success and underground music culture.

The 2,000-capacity venue inside the new main building can be configured to host various events, including cinema. “We build in/out to spec,” O’Ferrall explained, adding that “Brilliant Stages are our partner on various parts of the project. We are deploying the best in breed audio equipment across the district, we love PMC, Meyer and L’Acoustics, our professionals Hoare Lea help specify the best equipment for the specific area.”

Brilliant Stages Ltd also play a key role in the kinetics of the main public atrium, where video and sound will surround guests at all times. Aside from branding and marketing, the video walls will also show news programs and other forms of day time TV.

The expertise of the Outernet team allows them to bring audio, video, live entertainment and TV together in an seamless and immersive way, said O’Ferrall.

The opening of Outernet London is set for April. Future Outernet sites in Los Angeles and New York are being planned.