AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong is testing a CleanTech disinfecting booth in its lobby. (Courtesy AsiaWorld-Expo) Walk-through disinfectant machines quickly moving toward the market Sports and live music venues could take on a much different look after COVID-19, starting with fans being sprayed with sanitizer before entering the building or event space. Walk-through disinfectant machines, plus smart wristbands worn by game-day workers that issue alerts when they cross social distance boundaries, are among the virus technology products quickly coming to market as arenas, stadiums and other public assembly facilities search for tools to provide greater protection for customers and staff. It’s all starting to take shape in Asia and the region where the virus originated in China.   AsiaWorld-Expo, a convention center and concert hall in Hong Kong next to the city’s airport, is testing a walk-through disinfection device in the main entrance lobby. Branded as CleanTech, the three-in-one device combines multiple… Continue Reading Can Venues Clean Their Customers?

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