Jenee Kim, Andrew Ahn, Danny Trejo, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken. (Courtesy Levy) Levy leans on experience at Wrigley for new ballpark offering The local dining trend has come to major sports vLenues in three waves, said Alison Weber, Levy’s chief creative officer. First came the concept of creating locally themed menus and then the realization of inviting local chefs and restaurant brands into the venue. Now, though, we’re seeing wave three: turning venues into local food influencers. Dodger Stadium, historic home of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, serves as the latest example with its Chef Series effort this summer, inviting four local well-known chefs to create pop-up dining experiences, each for less than a week, in the same vein as we’ve already seen from another Levy-run venue: Chicago’s Wrigley Field.  “It is no longer enough to simply say ‘Favorite Local Restaurant will serve our fans,’” Weber said.… Continue Reading Chefs Pop Up for Dodgers’ Series
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