Brian Doyle, Jim Condron, Stephen Ubertini and Dominick Catoggio, co-owners of The Paramount, all took part in creating the Spotlight immersive art gallery, which occupies a space next to the Huntington, N.Y., theater. (Judy Walker Photography) The Paramount on Long Island puts the focus on experiential art in its new space, Spotlight One of the key dangers for concert halls is becoming too one-dimensional, thus limiting their long-term growth.  But a new breed of concert halls is starting to redefine themselves and expand far beyond the traditional offerings of music, comedy and sports events. Perhaps one of the most innovative and audacious efforts in this vein is the Spotlight immersive art gallery that The Paramount in Huntington, N.Y., opened in September.  The gallery, which is curated by Krystin Banko, features “experiential” live art, affording visitors an opportunity to observe art as it’s created.  She characterized the art as primarily “physical visual… Continue Reading Gallery Adds to Theater’s Offerings

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