Senior Premium Manager | Live Nation VIP Food & Beverage Experience

Hospitality is in the blood of Paige Vicari, who 10 years ago landed a “fun summer job” — as VIP server at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey.

She got the bug, thanks to the guests and the camaraderie, and the fun summer gig became “so much more” than that.

“From bussing tables to managing a handful of venues to overseeing the northeast region and now having the opportunity to make a larger impact on venues across the country, it’s been an incredible journey,” she said.

Her highlights are modest. It’s all about her guests’ experience and her team’s growth.

“In 2018, I started as a premium manager, and over the past few years, our team has grown to include many amazing premium F&B managers across the country who continue to elevate our premium services at all of our venues.”

“Another highlight is seeing clients renew their season tickets because of the improvements we’ve made to better our fans’ experience. Their renewals help with our food and beverage sales so we can continuously refine our VIP spaces for overall growth. As Drake would say, ‘We started from the bottom, now we’re here!’”

Vicari has used social media to her advantage, allowing her to have a beat on what fans want.

“We often have a good grasp on what our fans want but taking advantage of the overwhelming amount of information available and tracking trends on social media platforms helps us connect with our fans on a deeper level,” she said.

She encourages younger generations to be creative and expand their network, but more so to never fear failure, trust your gut, find good mentors and always listen.

Vicari said she hopes veterans will take advantage of younger employees’ ideas and knowledge of trends.

“This industry is ever-changing, and it is good to listen and learn from all generations,” she said.


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