Maureen Andersen, President and CEO, INTIX Two things are for certain and we can always bank on it: Live entertainment, ticketing and the industry is always changing, and it is never boring!   It seems that every year as we come into the annual INTIX conference, there is some big topic, big idea or buzzworthy conversation bon mot. And #intix2020 won’t disappoint — we will be all abuzz with conversations on how blockchain will change our reality, U.S. Department of Justice and congressional probes into multiple areas of the industry, the perennial favorite of mergers and acquisitions and, this year, scalping, bots, unfair practices and, what will become the great debate, the Viagogo–StubHub $4 billion deal. Millions of dollars will be spent to debate these things in court, committees and legislation, but even then we may not have a lot of answers. But we do have a lot of opinions, points… Continue Reading Letter From Maureen: Room for Debate
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