SHOWTIME: Not everyone can make it out for a show at Les Docks in Lausanne, Switzerland, but Open Club Day offers a chance “to humanize the venue.” (LnPixElle Photography) Annual event gives community a look at European venues and the people who run them More than 150 grassroots live music venues across Europe took part in the third edition of Open Club Day. Fifteen countries were represented in total Feb. 1, when the venues opened their doors to offer the public a glimpse into the world of running an independent music venue. VenuesNow reached out to a cross section of participants in Open Club Day 2020 to get their take on this year’s edition. “One of our main goals of participating in such an event and to open our doors during the day is to humanize the venue,” said Jolan Chappaz from Les Docks in Lausanne, Switzerland. “The public can meet […]
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