Mixhalo isn’t just for music; Staples Center will use it for sports events. (Getty Images) Company, with Staples Center as client, looks to remake how we hear live entertainment The mix is off at a concert. The dialogue at a Broadway show is moving too fast. The star player for a sports team makes a critical play — and from the upper deck, it’s tough to tell exactly what happened. The fan experience isn’t always up to snuff, and in an age where pristine concert live streaming and high-def sports broadcasts are commonplace, ensuring the engagement of those who leave the comfort of their living rooms is increasingly important. Enter Mixhalo, which is aiming to revolutionize how we hear live entertainment and has already garnered support from industry heavyweights such as Red Light Management and Another Planet Entertainment, artists including Metallica and Aerosmith, and venues like Staples Center. “We’re really… Continue Reading Mixhalo Offers Fans Aud-Mented Reality
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