Customer service touches nearly everyone’s job. On the other side, we all get the chance to be customers ourselves. Here’s who our Generation Next honorees thought of when we asked them to name a company in any sector that does it right (outside of their own, of course!). Andrew Saunders:, a furniture company. Brittanie Delava: Nordstrom loyalist over here … you can return anything! Corey Margolis: Starbucks. David Garcia: Disney Cruise Line — there is no experience like it. They make everyone feel like a VIP and you build real relationships with the staff. Joe Dolan: Chick-fil-A. Keller Taylor: Disney’s emphasis on and commitment to great customer service is unmatched and should be the barometer for our and other industries. Lisa Niess: The Parasole Group owns several of our favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. They do an excellent job with service across each of the different brands and… Continue Reading Next Question: Customer Service

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