Clemson cross-referenced data from licensed merchandise partner Fanatics with its own to produce new insights. (Getty Images) Data experts say taking the first step can lead to big discoveries Data can provide a ticketing operation innumerable ways to make itself better. Perhaps that’s what makes data scary to some. “For me, a few years ago, it seemed like this stuff was really, really overwhelming,” said Mario Morris, chief financial officer and associate athletic director for the University of Wisconsin. “I love data; I’ve loved data since I was a kid; I like to process information, but there’s so many solutions out there,” citing all the companies and products in the field to choose from. But Morris and two other data pros from university athletic departments said taking that deep dive into numbers had improved both their ticketing operations and other parts of their businesses. “I think we’re in a transformational time… Continue Reading Pacnet ’19: Making the Numbers Work
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