GLASS ACT: The suite structure at the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium, built in 2015, adds new layers of hospitality to a vintage building. (Courtesy Heery) Changing preferences and an expanding role for stadiums create new opportunities for designers For most of their existence, there’s been a distinction between stadiums and arenas and the roles they play in sports and entertainment. Increasingly, however, venue architects see stadiums as fulfilling a more expansive role in the community as a host for a perpetual parade of events that range from the epic to the intimate. “Stadiums — some of them, not all of them — are starting to become just like big arenas,” said Mike Holleman, senior vice president at Heery. “So where arenas can book 150 (to) 200 events a year, some of the new stadiums, especially the enclosed ones, are starting to pick up those big acts more. With them… Continue Reading Stadium Design + Construction: Futurama
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