Company helps connect buyers with available inventory SuiteHop, the luxury shared-suite service, is celebrating its five-year anniversary under the name, and 20% year-over-year increased revenue since its inception. The idea has proved successful, but it’s not the business model that SuiteHop started with years earlier, founder and CEO Todd Lindenbaum said. “I had recognized that the opportunity to make suites available on a flexible basis was a good idea, but it took embracing the shared economy to make it really fly,” said Lindenbaum, who previously worked with the San Francisco Giants in suite sales. “In the first iteration of the idea we owned suites and marketed them but when we pivoted to the SuiteHop model — a two-sided marketplace where we didn’t own any inventory — we found our sweet spot,” he said. “Now we simply aggregate inventory and make it available to a wide universe of national buyers.” SuiteHop […]
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