Executive Vice President/General Manager, BBVA Compass Stadium
He’s seen the best and the worst, all in the same day. (Photo: Wilf Thorne)

Born in Spain but grew up in Miami.

I thought I’d grow up to be
A lawyer or an MLB player.

First job in the industry
The Miami Hooters of the Arena Football League. On the facilities side it was Miami Arena.

Favorite part of the job
Helping create memories for our guests. We cannot control what happens on a field, pitch, ice, court or stage, but what we can have an influence on is the experience.

Least favorite part of the job
Making the hard decisions that impact individuals and their livelihoods. That part of the job is never easy.

Russ Simons, Michael Marion, Mark Miller, Shea Guinn, Chris Granger, Carl Adkins, Jerry Anderson and, most impactfully, Mike McGee, who has been mentoring me for the last 25 years.

Best advice received
Every day my father would say, “Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.”

Favorite live event attended
Every single event that either of my kids are participating in is my favorite.

Biggest achievement in your career
The opening of Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. I truly believe that it may have been the smoothest and most well prepared and planned opening of any facility.

Best day on the job
When we opened the Astrodome as a shelter after Hurricane Katrina impacted New Orleans. It was a day where nothing else mattered other than helping and providing an opportunity to survive.

Worst day on the job
Unfortunately, the same as the best day. Seeing the sadness, the loss and hurt that all of these folks were going through are moments that I would not wish on anyone.