The open-air Verona Arena will host the events in September at a reduced capacity.  Live music will return to Italy, at least for a week in September, when the city of Verona hosts the Seat Music Awards as well as performances for the country’s health workers. Dubbed “Da Verona accendiamo la musica” (“From Verona let’s turn the music on”), the event will involve more than 70 Italian artists and 350 musicians and technicians as well as a live audience, the size of which will depend on the COVID-19-related governmental mandates in September. “After a meeting with the mayor of the city, we hope to reach 3,200 spectators. Verona Arena usually holds 11,000,” said Francesco Negroni, responsible for marketing and promotion at the arena. The plan is to have the live audience at the awards, which take place Sept. 2 and 5. After the awards ceremony closes, from 7 p.m., the […]
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