Al Guido speaks during an on-stage interview with VenuesNow’s Don Muret. Al Guido, co-managing partner and CEO of Elevate Sports Ventures and president of the San Francisco 49ers, said that despite the industry’s emphasis on premium seating, it’s a mistake for any venue to focus only on ultra-exclusive guests. “If you only concentrate on premium you have missed the boat,” Guido said. “It’s the distressed inventory in the middle that you have to watch out for.” He spoke in an on-stage interview Tuesday at the VenuesNow Conference in New York City. Guido cautioned that what premium guests really want is access and benefits, not necessarily a good seat to watch the game. Opened just a year and a half ago, Elevate has over 20 clients and 100 employees. “Business models can change overnight in this business,” he said. Because something worked once doesn’t mean it will work again, and reinvention… Continue Reading VN Conference: Don’t Overfocus on Premium, Guido says
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