‘WE HAD TO ADAPT’:  WiZink Center was among the first of the big arenas to return after the novel coronavirus shutdown. (Courtesy venue) WiZink Center: Spanish Steps Madrid arena’s GM talks about little victories in a year when everyone lost When the world shut down in March, Spain was among the countries hit hardest by COVID-19, topping 20,000 deaths in mid-April. The government introduced some of the severest restrictions on public life in all of Europe, including tiered time slots during which only certain age groups were allowed to leave the house.  So how did WiZink Center, in the Spanish capital of Madrid, top the VenuesNow year-end Top Stops for 2020 in the 15,001-30,000 category?  The arena’s situation evolved parallel to the evolution of the pandemic, said the arena’s general manager, Manuel Saucedo. “Spain went through more than 100 days of complete lockdown, so WiZink Center remained completely closed for… Continue Reading Year End 2020: Arena Top Stop

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