‘We are all in this together,’ sports and entertainment attorney says The World Health Organization’s designation of the COVID-19 crisis as a pandemic and various government jurisdictions banning gatherings of ever-shrinking sizes or placing large areas on virtual lockdown bring to bear the legal concept of force majeure, which can essentially void contract obligations between venues and event organizers, according to Scottsdale, Ariz.-based sports and entertainment law attorney Steven Adelman. Prior to those declarations, the application of the force majeure principle was murky because, as Adelman explained, a pandemic qualifies, but fear of a pandemic does not. In the case of the latter, parties to a contract could have tried to hold one another’s feet to the fire. Now, either side can walk away from contracts as if they never met in the first place, he said.  Event cancellation or communicable or infectious disease insurance isn’t likely to bring any… Continue Reading Among cancellations, examples of solidarity emerge
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